Thought it was a mouse: a cat caught a dog and wanted her to eat

A big shaggy cat with a rare name Murzik lived in a multi-storey building. at home, but he loved and knew how to hunt: he took his soul to the country house, where he lived and mice and birds. But once the game itself threw itself into his teeth.

Murzik collided with a neighbor Chihuahua on the landing and dumbfounded by surprise. To his misfortune, the minicar imagined himself alpha male, big and scary, and with a bark went on the attack.

Cat and Dog

Outraged by such impudence of the mouse, the cat habitually grabbed her by the neck and dragged home, under the bed – eat. Psina is lucky: the owners managed to take legal booty from the frustrated Murzik. Since formidable chihuahua began to behave more modestly.

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