This cute dog doesn’t remind you of anyone: her name is Salvador Dolly

In a large American shelter for stray animals at Outbred dogs puppies were born. Common thing, if not piquant moment: one of the babes strikingly reminds shocking Spanish genius – artist Salvador Dali.

The famous mustache of the painter is painted in black and white “on the face” of a shelter puppy. This girl without thinking twice and called – Salvador Dolly. There are a dozen more babies in the litter, they everyone is different, but apparently no one has anything in common with Dolly.

Dog with puppies

Meet: this is Dolly’s relatives, and she herself is in the upper right

Photos of the unique puppy dog shelter Hearts & Bones spreads on his page on Instagram, and they use very popular. For Salvador Dolly, as for everyone her brothers and sisters are looking for caring hands. In the meantime, everyone puppies with his mother were transported to New York and settled in a shelter smaller – to reduce the risk of infecting babies among too a large number of street dogs.


And here is our heroine – as soon as she turned out like that?

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