They won’t let you sleep peacefully: a bear rested in a hotel

A curious incident occurred in the United States. Young bear decided to take a nap in the hotel sink.

The bear climbed into the hotel through the window. Apparently penetration into the building required a lot of strength – the beast, tired, wanted to take a nap. However, the human bed did not suit him. Teddy Bear has chosen a toilet room, and specifically a sink.

Employees did not dare to disturb the animal. They took off him on the video and called the rescuers. They did not wake the weary bear, and even more powerful it was euthanized – they injected sleeping pills to clubfoot, waking up suddenly, did not experience stress and did not injure people. After the bear was taken back to the forest. He’s probably strong surprised when he woke up not where he fell asleep.

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