The zoopsychologist reveals the cause of dog aggression: upbringing is to blame

Why do dogs show aggression? Because it’s so arranged or due to poor parenting? The zoopsychologist says statements about the innate aggression of some dog breeds is unmotivated.

Zoopsychologist and scientist Marianne Gladkikh confirmed the well-known to everyone truth for dog lovers: our pets are not aggressive because of pedigree predispositions, but due to improper upbringing.

Earlier, D. Medvedev signed a decree approving 12 breeds potentially dangerous to others.


All mestizo wolves included in the list of potentially dangerous breeds

It includes pickling and native breeds that do not were selected for a good attitude towards people. Their behavior not yet fully understood.

But Marianne Gladkikh argues in some countries such the lists were canceled because they realized what kind of pet behavior the owner is responsible. The zoopsychologist says the so-called social adequacy is the first criterion for evaluating any breed.

Smooth also stressed that the breeding should participate only animals without aggression towards people and with a balanced psyche. The expert added that the inclusion of certain breeds in the regulation, may lead to problems, since since the beginning of 2020, paddock dogs from the list can only be made on a leash and a muzzle.


Bandogas are also on the list of dangerous dogs

“On the other hand, the same wolf-dog hybrids that were received in the Perm departmental nursery, they were Designed to perform official functions. How can they to fulfill their functions while being muzzled all the time? ”

Marianna Gladkikh

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