The world’s oldest shark was discovered in Greenland

Discovered the oldest shark on the planet. She’s over half a thousand years.

This is a Greenland shark. All representatives of the species are centenarians, however, their average life expectancy is approximately 272 years. Animals grow slowly, which ensures a long existence – the puberty of bowhead sharks, for example, occurs only in 150 years old.

greenland shark

Greenland polar shark recognized by scientists the most long-lived vertebrate species

The discovered individual is a record holder among relatives. According to scientists, she’s 512 years old, that is, she was born in 1505, still before the birth of Shakespeare and Ivan the Terrible. Age managed to establish by the length of the shark. It is believed that this species grows one centimeter in year, and the length of the animal found is 5.4 meters.

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