The snake under the closet turned out to be a harmless domestic snake

It was near midnight when a resident of the Estonian city of Pärnu heard a hiss from under the closet. Looking under the furniture, amazed the man found there a rather big bright spotted snake colors.

Rescuers promptly arrived at the place, caught a strange guest and brought him to the mini zoo, the owner of which is Peeter Põldsam assured: the snake is not dangerous. Zoologist classified the strange find as a tortoise snake, traditional North American inhabitant.

Snake in the hands

It is unlikely, of course, that the snake independently got from relatives forests to faraway Estonia. Põldsam is convinced that the snake is home a pet that slipped away from the owners and made its way to the neighbor’s an apartment; with these agile reptiles this happens quite often.

While there is a search for the rightful owner, the tortoise snake will remain on overexposure in a mini-zoo.

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