The smallest in the world: video

Miniature zebu Humphrey from Iowa (USA) recognized as the most the smallest bull in the world – its height at the withers is only 67.6 centimeter.

Humphrey is now four years old; he lives on Lime Creek Farm in Kalona – grazes in a large herd of cows of different breeds. Two years ago, its owners, farmers Joe and Shelley Gardner, decided buy at auction another zebu calf. But coming back home and having examined properly the documents of his new the acquisitions were a lot of surprise: they got not a calf, but adult two year old animal.


Humphrey is a baby, even for his breed, in which average height is 93 centimeters. Interestingly, the baby goby prefers communicate not with your fellow tribesmen, but with friendly farmers dogs.

Video: thought that the calf, but it turned out – an adult bull

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