The saddest cat (photo): All about fluffy celebrities

sad cat

The sad cat, whose photo is presented in the article, became a real Internet celebrity, this whole story began only with one snapshot posted online.

The seemingly ever-dissatisfied muzzle now looks at people with T-shirts, coffee bags and TV screens.

Since September 2012, a sad cat, whose photo presented in the article, has gained incredible popularity.

The kitten got an unusual nickname Grumpy Cat because of a displeased expression muzzle.

Appearing from a purebred cat, he literally blew up the Internet, becoming megapopular.


  • 1 Getting to know a disgruntled cat
  • 2 Angry cat: a story of popularity
  • 3 What is known about the Grumpy Cat breed
  • 4 What are brother and sister like?
  • 5 Acquaintance with the owners of a gloomy cat
  • 6 What is Pussy Tard doing now
  • 7 Grumpy Cat conquers new heights

Acquaintance with a disgruntled cat

In fact, Grumpy Cat is a cat that was born in 2012.

At first, the owners called it Tardar Sauce (Tartar sauce), abbreviated form of Tard.

Subsequently, it was renamed Grumpy Cat, which literally translates as “angry cat”.

sad cat

Cat tard is angry again

As a result of genetic changes? her jaw has unusual shape, which is very noticeable in the photo of the saddest a cat.

The owners explain this by the dwarfism of the pet. With similar pathology born pussy brother Pokey.

Both individuals have muzzle deformity, their eyes are convex, tails are shorter than usual.

The tardus moves awkwardly due to the curvature of the hind legs, the fore it is shorter than normal. Therefore, it may resemble a cat breed munchkin.

The cat is slowed down when moving, it also has unusual voice.

Interesting! The angry cat Tard has his own blog on the Internet where you can see how the most looks sad cat in the photo from different angles.

Angry Cat: A Popular Story

The story of a sad cat begins in the fall of 2012. At that time the hostess’s brother posted her photo on the Internet, where half a year.

The picture attracted a lot of attention, but at the same time caused doubt.

The photo of the saddest cat looked implausible, and users believed that it was passed through the editor.

To dispel these speculations, the hosts posted a video on Youtube playing kitten.

So it became clear that Tarde is a truly unique individual – the saddest cat you can find on the internet.


The most angry internet cat

On this, the story of a sad cat and its popularity is not have stopped. In addition to YouTube, the following milestones can be noted.

  1. Grumpy Cat is the heroine of news releases and videos, hosted on the internet.
  2. She happened to be involved in advertising feed for cats.
  3. Photos of the saddest cat in the networks collect more likes.
  4. On MSNBS, she was declared the most influential pet.
  5. 2013 was a special date: Grumpy Cat received an award Webby Awards.

Interesting! Despite his displeased face, pussy continues to live a full life. She, like others cats, will not refuse to play and caress.

What is known about the Grumpy Cat breed

Looking at the photo where the saddest cat is depicted with a displeased expression muzzle even sitting in a cozy house, many wonder what breed it is.

In appearance, it may resemble snow shu, but it doesn’t So.

In fact, the breed of a sad cat is not defined, which is not prevented her from achieving incredible fame.

sad cat

The unusual appearance did not prevent Tard from succeeding, but contributed to this

  1. According to those who saw the cat’s father, this is an ordinary yard cat with a white belly. You can immediately tell from him that he often fights with their relatives living nearby.
  2. From the story of a sad cat, mother Tarde was also a street cat. The hostess discovered her during childbirth. The cat was in heavy condition, but recovered over time. Kitten appearing on the light looked unusual. It was Pokey, Tard’s older brother. His the mistress explained the expressed pathologies by difficult childbirth or cat health problems. In the photo this is a very sad cat, like his little sister.

In the new litter, the same cat out of all kittens has only one kitty had pronounced deviations.

That was Grumpy Cat. They decided to leave her because of the unique external data.

sad cat

The front legs of a sullen cat are shorter than usual

Important! From a comparison of Pokey and Tarde, you can draw two conclusions: this genetic mutation is not related to gender animal. Since kittens are from different litters, she is transmitted exactly on the maternal side.

What are brother and sister like?

Pokey and Tarde have a number of similar features.

This is especially true of their faces: jaws of an unusual shape, large bulging eyes.

It is noted that the brother’s movements are distinguished by the best coordination.

sad cat

Tard with Big Brother

However, it is clear that the sad cat Poki without breed, it ordinary street cat, while in Tarde many people look for signs breed snow shu or ragdoll.

When watching a cat, it becomes obvious that it is difficult move. The vet does not note her problems with health.

Genetic mutations not only did not prevent her from living the usual cat life, but also brought fame.

Pokey, the elder brother of Tard, was also heavily moved at first. However, over time, his movements became more coordinated.

Although in comparison with cats that do not have such violations and playfully playing with claws, he looks a little awkward.

The gloomy look of the cat Tarde does not prevent her from being playful and cheerful.

The sad cat, whose story is described above, purrs, loves, when she is stroking her abdomen, spends time on her knees. Together with Pokey they play fun.

At a stranger’s visit, it was noticed that Tard is more friendly and sociable than her older brother.

sad cat

The gloomy pussy is “dissatisfied” even with a cozy sunbed

Acquaintance with the owners of a gloomy cat

The owner of the disgruntled pussy is called Tabata Bundesen.

She brings up her daughter alone; she has to combine work and study in college.

The year they met Tard’s pussy was not easy, and the appearance of furry a friend gave them a positive.

Tabata has a brother, Brian, with him they came from Ohio.

He promotes the Grumpy Cat website by posting daily new materials and photos of the saddest cat.

sad cat

Tard is difficult to move due to short forepaws

According to Tabata, for bright and high-quality images have to do thousands of frames.

From albums then you have to choose the best photos, where the most sad cat in all its glory.

From the story of a sad cat, when Tard was born, she is very liked the daughter of Tabata, Crystal.

Now they, together with their mother, are developing interesting ideas on production of cat brand souvenirs.

The mistress is often given to take part in television shows and to give interviews.

Interesting! Tabata does not plan to breed cats with a displeased muzzle. Instead, she calls people help animals in shelters.

What pussy Tard is doing now

The fame of a gloomy cat began with the fact that the photo itself a sad cat was placed on one of the pages of Reddit.

Now she has millions of subscribers on well-known social networks – Instagram and Facebook. She takes part in others events.

sad cat

Tard at the peak of popularity

  1. Cat food advertisement.
  2. Own blog.
  3. Souvenirs.
  4. A drink at a California coffee shop.
  5. A number of books.

Interesting! In addition to the above, there is plans for preparing a feature film about sad a cat.

In 2013, an agreement was concluded with the Grenade coffee house. Beverage.

Under the contract, the use of the brand “Most Sad cat “and photos for the design of the packaging of the Grumppuccino drink.

In 2015, the hostess filed a lawsuit against the company in connection with non-compliance with conditions.

The claim is charged that the landlady was not paid percent, and under the brand name Grumpy Cat, in addition to the drink, appeared roasted coffee and t-shirts.

Now the coffee shop has been asked to compensate under the agreement in triple volume, pay legal costs.

For violation of copyright coffee shop faces a fine of sizes 600 one thousand dollars.

Interesting! According to some media reports, Grumpy Cat brand in 2014 brought the owner of a sad kitten about 100 million dollars.

Grumpy Cat conquers new heights

Dwarfism, short tail peculiar pixy bean, and an extraordinary form the jaws provided the incredible popularity of the tarde pussy, although the breed a sad cat is unremarkable.

Her face is relatively fun only when she plays with the hosts.

Tabata and her brother now need to devote a lot of time to updating site Grumpy Cat and attend various events with her.

In particular, they were invited to Madame Tussauds, where they were determined the size of the animal.

Based on these data, an automatic toy is made, able to do 5 types of movements.

The presentation is planned with San Francisco, then the exhibit sent to 5 other departments of the museum.

sad cat

Sizes of the tardes are celebrated at Madame Tussauds

The story of a sad cat literally conquered the vastness Internet.

A genetic mutation that would seem to interfere the beast to enjoy life, brought unprecedented glory.

Now you can follow the updates on the official website and on pages on social networks, buy drinks and T-shirts with photos of yourself sad cat.

Despite all this, a gloomy pussy is no less attractive than lop-eared cats, Scottish Straights or Turkish Angora.

She remains a favorite pet for her owners and frolics with them, like other cats.

The Saddest Cat: All About The Fluffy Celebrity

The sad cat, whose photo is presented in the article, became a real Internet celebrity, this whole story began only with one snapshot posted online. Seeming forever unhappy face now looks at people with T-shirts, packages of drink in coffee shop and with television screens.

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