The sacred cow plays football very well: video

India is very fond of football. And here with such respect belong to cows that allow sacred animals to roam where anything – though on the football field.

In the Indian state of Goa, amateur teams played soccer. Match walked somewhat sluggishly, and an emotional cow, for a while “sick” from the outside, decided to show the class. She ran out onto the field and instantly intercepted the ball. Attempts to take him away to continue the game, none of the teams were successful. Athletes were clearly afraid to go close with such a rival contact.

And she was not going to let anyone in to the ball, decisively protected him from any human abuse. Game even had to be postponed for a while.

Cow with the ball

As it turned out, this funny episode was preceded by a very sad story. The other day, this cow lost her newborn calf. Nesmyslysnysh out on the road, and his hit by a car. Maternal instinct is that a cow decided to “adopt” a white soccer ball and protect it from people.

Video: Cow Demonstrates Game Mastery

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