The rat washes in the sink: the secret of the sensational video

We’re already used to the fact that our pets can sometimes do this, what a wonder. They look especially touching when their movements resemble human beings. So, a video in which a rat lathers like a person scored many views at once. But scientists reacted to skeptical about such a shoot.

A lap-rat video was released in January 2018 of the year. Posted by a resident of Peru, Jose Correa.

We see a rat standing in a shell on its hind legs and smeared, It seems like soap. She begins to repeat the washing movements of her legs. person, soaping himself a muzzle, armpits and sides. That seems to be everything: funny and amazing.

Video: rat washes in the sink like a man

But soon after the release of the video, scientists tried explain what we actually see on the screen:

  • This is not an ordinary rat, but a pacarana – a beast that resembles in appearance guinea pig and being its distant relative. Rodent quite large: body weight up to 15 kg, and length – up to 80 cm. Wool dark, with spots on the sides. But since the video is wet and in soap, its color is indistinguishable.
  • We see the pecarana already soaped up (and whether it is soap – big question). Since the animal is clean, it just cleans itself of dirt, in the quality of which it regards what applied to her coat. Just the movements really remind human.

By the way, scientists relate to such videos sharply negatively. They regard filming as ill-treatment animals.

What we see is not always true. Nonetheless rat from the video is really very funny.

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