The parrot fell in love with kookaburu, but failed: video

Love of evil – you will love kukabaru too. So it happened to handsome a parrot, the story of his unrequited feeling was filmed in Australia, in New South Wales.

What impressed the hefty, gray completely unsympathetic pichuga – hard to say. But the parrot eager to meet a girl and began to produce on her impression: to dance, bow, accept tempting postures.

Parrot and Kookaburra

He tried hard, demonstrating his entire arsenal of seduction. And Kukabara was not impressed, she has her own harsh beauty standards: feathered dudes do not fall in. The lady only glanced briefly at the gentleman, then she turned away and began to yaw defiantly – by the way, the birds even know how to yawn?

Video: Parrot and Kookaburra – not a couple

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