The owner pulled out his dog from the mouth of a bear

UPI News Portal Announces Ursa Bear Attack to a domestic dog.

In Oviedo, Florida, Near David Fuljum’s House a bear appeared with two cubs.

The man noticed them and decided to wait a while. As soon as he it seemed that the clubfoot trinity had already gone back to the forest, he He opened the door to verify this. At this time, his dog nicknamed Gator, the instinct of the defender worked and he ran out into the street. BUT after a moment, the dog was already in the jaws of the bear. Apparently, she perceived the dog as a threat to her cubs. and decided to neutralize the attacking animal.

According to David, he, without hesitation, jumped out into the street and with all force kicked the predator.

“The Bear turned around, stood on its hind legs, and then jumped back, “- said the man after everything that happened.

David Fuljum saved the dog from the bears

After such a stunning attack by a man, three bears hid in the forest. But David’s pet needed an urgent operation. The costs of treatment and restoration of Gator amounted to 5700 US dollars. Part of the funds was lent to the man by his employer.

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