The old bear got into trouble, falling into the canal Hydroelectric power station

The case of an elderly clubfoot occurred in the province of China – Gansu. Daily Mail reported on non-standard rescue of a wild animal.

An emergency occurred at a hydropower plant in a Chinese province. AT hes channel dropped an adult bear.

A bear is stuck in the HPP channel


For the rescue operation, special equipment was needed. Lifeguards with the help of an excavator, a fallen animal was taken over fourteen hours. During this time, they managed to build a cage for bear from improvised means.

According to one of the employees of the hydroelectric power station, the bear turned out to be very old and had no teeth. Most likely, when descending from the clubfoot collapsed into the canal.

The rescued animal was loaded into a makeshift cage and taken to safe place.

The rescued bear is immersed in a cage from the rods


The further fate of the bear was not reported.

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