The nicknames of dogs from films and cartoons are the best ideas for girls and boys

When a person starts a dog, one of the first thoughts: “But what about name it? “. If nothing interesting comes to mind, you can use the ideas of dog nicknames from films and cartoons.


  • 1 Why is it important to choose the right name for the dog
  • 2 Nickname Ideas for Girls
  • 3 Nickname Ideas for Boys

Why is it important to choose the right name for the dog?

The question of choosing a name must be approached with all seriousness. There is even an assumption that the character of the animal and his behavior. In this case, the names of dogs from cartoons or movies in which pets often make friends human or even real heroes.

After observing the puppy, you can notice it one or another individual similarities with any of the famous animals screen.

Nickname ideas for girls

Doggy Sonya

Little and polite Sonya – the heroine of the cartoon “Smart Dog Sonya, “who constantly gets into incredible stories

There are several well-known options:

  • Avva – that’s the name of Dr. Aibolit’s dog in the famous cartoon;
  • Lady – the beauty from “Lady and the Tramp”;
  • Nana – the star of cartoons about Peter Pan;
  • Augie – the famous dog from “Agi Dogi”;
  • Rico – a heroine with this name had a unique memory;
  • Cindy – suitable for a true lover of tricks and pranks.

Nickname ideas for boys

Beethoven and the Newton family

Beethoven – nickname of a large dog for a large friendly family

Many famous nicknames are known for puppy boys:

  • Gromit – a dog from the cartoon Wallace and Gromit. Was different special mind;
  • Rex – the famous dog from the television series “Commissioner Rex”, which fell in love with many inhabitants of the planet;
  • Goofy is a Disney character;
  • Doug is the favorite of the main character of the cartoon “Up”;
  • Mukhtar – the hero of the Russian television series;
  • Jock is a romantic from Lady and the Tramp.

From a wide variety of famous dog nicknames, you can choose name of the pet, taking into account the breed or character, but you can take into account all at once.

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