The mystery of the dreams of Danio rerio is almost unraveled

The authoritative British journal Nature published the results studies suggesting: aquarium fish, just like people, dream. Biologists made this conclusion, having studied the sleep patterns of the small zebrafish zebrafish.

More recently, the opportunity to observe dreams, and, accordingly, the separation of sleep into fast and slow phases was attributed only mammals and birds. Then the same abilities were discovered in cold-blooded: first in reptiles, and now here in fish.

One Danio Rerio

A modest aquarium fish danio rerio allowed scientists to make sensational findings

The object of research was a popular aquarium species. danio rerio – a nimble, funny and very unpretentious fish, painted with longitudinal black and silver stripes. For cleanliness the experiment scientists had to immobilize these babies by placing them into a viscous agar-agar solution.

The modern method of fluorescence microscopy, which was used biologists, allowed them to track at the cellular level the work of all organs and systems of experimental fish. Conclusions reached researchers, can be called sensational: the zebrafish dream is shared to the same phases as a person’s dream.

Fish in the aquarium

A flock of fish rerio and sleeps, and is awake at the same time, but whether their dreams are alike – unknown

The only difference is that the fish do not close their eyes in a dream – they there are simply no eyelids. I wonder what they all the same dreaming

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