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Perhaps every dog breeder entered at least once in a life search phrase exciting him: “The most popular rations for dogs “, got acquainted with ratings, reviews and directly products. Today we would like to tell you about the Pedigree brand (Pedigree®), which managed to gain fame in the market industrial rations for tetrapods.


  • 1 Pedigree for Dogs: A Brand Story
  • 2 Composition of dog food
  • 3 Pedigree Reviews
    • 3.1 Opinions of veterinarians
    • 3.2 User Experience
  • 4 Which food is better
  • 5 Best Dog Food – Not Always Expensive

Pedigree for dogs: brand history

The famous brand produces full-nutrition for your pets for over 50 years. Pedigree® Products Acquired world famous for its high quality and variety rulers, which allows you to choose a diet for each pet.

Many years of research have also helped to achieve brand recognition. WALTHAM ™ Research Center Specialists nutrition and well-being of pets. Innovative solutions considered in Pedigree® feed production helps meet the needs of your dog based on its age, size, state of health and individual characteristics.

The feed has also been approved by the Association of Veterinary Practitioners doctors. This is another “quality mark” that makes Pedigree® so popular among owners and their healthy and active pets!

Composition of dog food

What does the term “complete nutrition” mean for a dog? The answer is simple: such feed contains everything a dog needs in evidence-based quantities. In this case, no additives from the table: the manufacturer himself took care of all the most important ingredients:

  1. Meat and offal are not only vital important for the body quality protein of animal origin, but and essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
  2. Vegetables – for healthy digestion and microflora.
  3. Cereals are a source of energy and fiber for digestion support.
  4. Vitamin and mineral complexes – take care of skin, hair, teeth, help strengthen the immune system, take part in the functioning of all body systems.

But the main advantage of such a menu is the balance of all ingredients. Because the lack and excess of any substance always fraught with consequences.

Quality control in production allows you to responsibly declare: the composition of each bag is verified according to the strictest standards. Your dog will be pleased!

Pedigree Reviews

Popularity is always associated with active discussion, and the line This brand of balanced nutrition is no exception. Your reviews About Pedigree leave both veterinarians and ordinary owners, whose Pets have long appreciated the palatability of feed. We decided share these opinions with you, sure: they will help make right choice.

Opinions of veterinarians

As the owner of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bori and a veterinary Doctor, I recommend Pedigree food as tasty and healthy! In the past Borey and I took part in testing dry Pedigree. Prior to this, they ate Akana and Proplan. To be honest, there were fears that feed will not work. But when I saw how much pleasure the dog eats new food for him, she was surprised and began to wait for the result. But no problems with the appearance and condition of the intestine arose. If the feed is right, why pay more ?! After dry we tried wet pedigree. For my dog this is a treat, not main diet. He likes bags even more. Working in Moscow Veterinary Clinic Bambi, we often recommend Pedigree to healthy dogs. Thanks to Mars for such a delicious and useful product!

Elena, Samara

As a doctor, I thank the company for a complete, balanced Pedigree feed, especially for the new Vital line. It’s worthy alternative to an unbalanced “naturalka” and pieces with the table.

Veterinarian Eugene, g. Rostov-on-Don

User experience

My Dana is already two years old, and for half her life she is a real pedigriman! ?Drying is the basis of our menu, and over the past year I only see positive results: the hair is shiny, the muscles are strong, stamina at the level. No wonder he trusted the composition that bribed me a balance of components.


I love to pamper my pet with goodies, but consider it moody taste is difficult … Helped out the paste of your favorite brand – finally the dog does not go hungry while waiting for me from work! Very convenient format no dangerous additives, everything suits us.


Which food is better

Even having decided on the manufacturer, the owner often understands – the complexity of the choice does not end there. On the shelves presented such a rich assortment: what to stop at?

First of all, the questions are raised by the species: wet and dry. In fact, you will not have to make an unambiguous choice: optimal a combination of two types is considered a solution. Double benefit on every day: crisp granules help cleanse teeth plaque and support motility of the gastrointestinal tract, and moist foods saturate the body with moisture and maintain weight thanks to low calorie content.

The second question is whether the feed for large breeds and for small breeds? There are differences – they are in size and pellet density: something a good-natured labrador can easily handle it’s unlikely to be “tough” to a dachshund, and even more so to a miniature Yorkshire Terrier. Composition may also vary: large tailed people need food with less fat and calories to they did not gain weight and did not provoke joint diseases, to which they are predisposed due to their large size. And for prevention of joint diseases in feed for large dogs add cartilage-protecting glucosamine sources the joint. Therefore, carefully follow the information on the package: the brand always indicates who the diet is for.

Best Dog Food – Not Always Expensive

One of the main advantages of Pedigree is its affordable price. combined with high quality. In addition, you can choose any packing volume convenient for you: the 600-gram package is convenient in traveling, and 13 pounds will come in handy at home – you can not worry that it will suddenly end.

The cost of dry granules varies within 200 rubles per 1 kg depending on the type of food – for adults, for puppies, for large rocks. Spiders of the most different tastes that dogs love so much cost about 15 rubles per serving – fine the opportunity to try it all.

As you can see, today’s hero of our article is not in vain so firmly settled on the podium. Although the main goal of the manufacturer, Of course, not ratings and positive reviews – but caring for your four-legged friend, because we know: to see him active and healthy many, many years – your main dream!

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