The most dangerous dog breeds are named

At the level of the government of Russia, the list is officially approved potentially dangerous dog breeds. This is the second updated list option – the first one was rejected by the canine by the public.

At first, the list consisted of 35 breeds, among which were, e.g. shar pei and labrador – companion dogs not different aggressiveness. Gross errors crept into the document: two breeds dogs were named incorrectly.

The new list is more than two times shorter and more thorough finalized as a matter of fact. What is surprising is that the list mainly rare, even exotic breeds:

  • akbash;
  • American bandog;
  • ambuldog;
  • Brazilian Bulldog
  • bulli kutta;
  • Alapakh bulldog purebred (otto);
  • bandog;
  • ghoul dong;
  • pit bullmastiff;
  • North Caucasian dog.

In addition, mixed breeds of these breeds are recognized as potentially dangerous, and also any wolf and dog hybrids. From the owners of list dogs increased responsibility required: outside your compound they have the right to walk their pets only on a leash and in a muzzle.


Now you can walk the amble only in this format

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