The manual fox in Orel was saved from death!

The story of one little fox in the city ended happily Eagle. She told about the operation to save the red shustrik in social networks journalist Vita Plakhova. This was written in local information publication “InfoOrel”.

According to Vita, a correspondent for the newspaper Orlovsky Vestnik, the fox lived for almost a month with stray cats in the basement residential building. This caused indignation among homeowners and people decided to call the catch service. And that meant the days of the red miracle numbered. Vita and her friend could not allow such a thing.

“We spent two days on guard with Nika in the entrance near the basement, so catch a smart beast, ”said Vita on a social network and Interlocutor “InfoOrel”.

Finally, the girls were lucky, they caught a fox and drove it to the Bio center, where experienced vets examined the animal. Fox turned out to be healthy. Presumably this is a domesticated breed, the behavior of the animal indicates that it is not at all wild, manual. According to the veterinarian, the animal most likely had owners. But how it often happens, a “toy” played enough and thrown out.

The journalist also said that soon the fox will be taken to a new a house with an open-air cage, where the baby will be safe and comfortable.

So, thanks to the love and vigilance of Oryol journalists, one the fox escaped the “Land of Eternal Hunt”.

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