The love of people negatively affects New Zealand dolphins

New Zealand decided to fight over-popularity dolphins. This is done for the benefit of animals.

The Department of Nature Protection conducted a study. It turned out that too strong people’s love has a bad effect on bottlenose dolphin. Dolphins spend too much time next to humans – near the coast – and as a result become vulnerable, lose ability to feed independently and rest normally.

man and dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins are not only easily trained, but when communicating with humans even imitate him

So, the mortality of cubs in the population of the north-eastern bay New Zealand’s North Island reached 75% – the largest value in the world. A swimming ban has been introduced in this area people with bottlenose dolphins, not extending to dolphins of other species. In addition, the time that can be reduced across the country will be reduced. spend with animals, and tourists can only communicate with them morning and afternoon. This is necessary so that dolphins can relax and to stay with relatives without strangers.

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