The illusion of deceit with a cat and a bird

A photo of either ravens or a cat appeared on the Web. Illusion Snapshot very quickly became viral and broke the brain of many users Internet.

At first glance, it seems that the picture shows a manual raven, which lives in an apartment with people. If you really thought so, then you have become hostage to their own sight.

Who do you see in the picture?


A black bird with a burning eye and a sharp beak is actually is a cat of coal color. A closer look reveals two eyes, and the beak turns into a cat’s ear. All in confusion led to the lack of paws in the photo, as well as a clear second eye mustachioed.

The photo quickly became viral and entered the top in the popular world Reddit resource.

An analogy can be drawn with the illustration of a giraffopenguin. At first you see a giraffe in front of you, but when you turn the picture over – giraffe turns into a penguin. Illusion and optical illusion – only Total.

Giraffe and penguin in one photo

Source: photo stock

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