The hunger games: sea lion visited the jaws whale

The American biologist took an amazing shot. In the photo marine the lion is in the open mouth of a whale.

Chase Dekker went with other naturalists to the sea watch the animals. It happened in Monterey Bay, California. Nature lovers saw a group of three humpback whales and about two hundred sea lions. Freeze rare scene the scientist was helped by luck and reaction speed. According to him, when the whale jumped out of the water with a sea lion in his mouth, it was less than a second on reflections. Nevertheless, the biologist managed to press the button on the camera, and the snapshot appeared on the web.

whale in the mouth of a sea lion

Sea lions – a subfamily of eared seals, which includes five kinds

Perhaps it was extreme seal entertainment, or he and whale decided to play like that. The scientist is sure that with a sea lion everything is in okay. Humpback whales have no teeth, and mouth plates arranged as a filter, they are able to separate everything that is not familiar whale food. In addition, the animal was not about to close its jaws. around the seal, and he was not in danger of accidentally swallowing.

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