The horse who wanted to stay little

The smallest horse in the world lives in Poland, on a farm under the city Lodz. His name is Bombel, and he is already five years old.

In the stable of young farmers Patrick and Katarina Zelinsky, keen on horseback riding, there were already several thoroughbred horses, when they decided to get a foal of a rare breed of appaloosa.

The Appalusian breed is of North American origin: its Indians bred for themselves, crossing horses that were brought from Of Europe. These are strong and hardy animals, their growth at the withers reaches 160 centimeters.

The two-month-old baby Bombel initially developed normally, but in at some point it stopped growing – vets consider it genetic failure. Now the height at the withers of this adult the horse is a little over 56 centimeters. Bomb not suitable for riding, but it turned out to be excellent Zoologist: he often visits hospitals and works with children.

Collage: Bombel with the mistress

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