The girl gave the house a favorite toad

To some, toads may seem unsympathetic, but for a 23-year-old Savannah Mikell her Toby pet is a real beauty. Opinion of a girl Frogspotting Facebook friends (Translated from English – “Observation of the frogs”).

Savannah lives in the US state of Florida, and the decision to make such an unusual pet came to her spontaneously. AND really, why is a toad worse than a cat or dog?


Savannah is a creative person and loves to make unusual bouquets

The girl learned to properly care for her amphibian, and spoils him as best he can. She recently gave Toby a puppet the house that she had left since childhood. Now at homeowner toads have own bedroom, dining room, bathroom room and even a room for playing music.

Toad Toad

And Toby likes to sleep in her comfortable bed

Photos of Toby are very popular on the net. He has a lot to pose and, in truth, it bothers him sometimes, but grateful “toads” endures everything for the sake of his beloved mistress.

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