The fate of cinema animals: the lion King did not live to see premieres

The life and fate of the actors does not always develop as brightly and brilliantly, as in the frames of a movie. Such stories also happen to actors in animal world. Smaller brothers can also ruin their careers and a life.

Star sickness played a cruel joke with a lion named King, rather, the ambitions of the animal trainer are too high. When the lion Berebrov – King’s trainer – read the Italians in Russia “Eldar Ryazanov, he was indignant. Like too few episodes with the participation of his favorite in the script, because his lion can where more.

The master is the master. Eldar Ryazanov obediently finalized the script. I attributed many different tricks there, added more scenes with participation the lion. The new script satisfied the trainer. But it turned out he too exaggerated the possibilities of his King.

The lion was lazy, lying all the time, did not want to perform tricks. But required a meal on a schedule. What should I do. Cinema is a movie, filmed as they could and adapted to the capricious artist. Fed delicious. Of the star cast, King only recognized Andrei Mironov.

Only Mironov could calmly find a common language with the animal. it the director deftly used the scene when the hero of Mironov asks the lion to leave (while everyone else is sitting on the monument).


As a result, the picture turned out to be very successful and funny for the viewer, but for King, the ending of the shoot was tragic. During The lion’s filming process settled in a school that was closed. Once, a local resident, a student, accidentally climbed in to pick up your dog. King pressed the guy to the ground. I ran to the screams a policeman and, not recognizing a movie star as a predator, he simply shot him.

At the time of the premiere of “Incredible Adventures …” King Lion is no longer was alive. The filmmakers blamed the trainer on everything. If if it weren’t for his “star disease”, everything could have turned out differently. A Ryazanov since then he has never taken up filming a single animal in his films.

Photo: KP.RU

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