The elephant after the operation first wanted to see sweetheart

For 23 years, the giant Grant survived a lot: moving, floods, parting with a loved one, operations.

At first, the giant lived in the Moscow Zoo, but from there it transported to Yerevan. For Grant, this move was painful, since he had to part with his girlfriend Masha forever. After that, the elephant, not sparing his tusks, began to beat them against the wall from grief. As a result, they were damaged, and this led to the spread of infection and the inflammatory process.

In 2013, Grant was transferred from Yerevan to Tbilisi, where he was transferred to elephant Malke. According to a specialist from the Tbilisi Zoo Mziya Sharashidze, the elephant could not complete the operation begun on damaged tusk, as he began to wake up.

In 2015, the operation was postponed due to flooding. But Grant and his Malka’s new lover was able to survive. After what happened at Malki elephant depression began, and for a long time she did not come out of aviary.

And then Grant’s health situation got complicated. is he stopped eating, drinking and walking. It was decided to carry out an emergency surgical intervention. For this, even African specialists who know everything about the treatment of elephants.

Grant and Malka. The elephant meets her only after the operation


Doctors from the University of Pretoria were able to remove a tusk fragment. The operation was successful, and Grant did not have time to wake up.

After awakening, Grant first went to his Malka. Later, they will be transferred together to the territory of the new zoo, in forested area of ​​the Tbilisi Sea.

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