The dog control panel was invented by an Israeli engineer

At the IEEE World Haptics Conference 2019 a group of Israeli developers presented their know-how – kit for remote control of the dog. Remote Control attached to a vest that is equipped with four vibration motors – here they “command” a dog.

According to the inventors, this technique is more effective, than ordinary training. Affecting certain groups the muscles of your pet, the owner stimulates him to execute pre-pinned teams. For example, if the front right motor vibrates continuously, then this means the “Circle” command, and if pulsating – the “Back” command and so on.

Dog training

The first experimental was the remote control dog the system

The project engineer worked on the device for six years. a dog – a mixed breed German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever. He stayed pleased with the results and argues that, compared with verbal commands, vibrating are executed faster and more accurately.

The invention cannot be called revolutionary in the field of canine trainers – both Americans and Japanese already offered similar options, but they never found wide application in practical cynology.

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