The cow was helped to get out of the hole in the village on Ural

Residents of the Ural village of Kunashak came to the aid of a cow, stuck in a communal pit. Helped to deal with the situation truck crane.

To find the owner of the animal, the villagers had to lay out information on the Internet about a cow in trouble. In a post they wrote that a cow failed in a communal pit on Communist Street black, and the owner is urgently wanted. But the search did not give results.

The release of a stuck cow from a hole in the village of Kunashak

Then the administration of the village suggested using a tractor, but his capacities were not enough to pull the animal out of a narrow pit. For In this case, the locals found a truck crane, which resolved the unpleasant situation with the cows.

After the cow was taken out, it took her a little time, to get rid of after daily imprisonment underground.

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