The climber met a stranger cat

Climbing Mount Rysy for Wojciech Jabczynski could have been nothing be different from climbing other tourists. But not all climbers at the top meets a cat.

Climber Wojciech Jabczynski on the top of Mount Rysy

When a man completed his climb to the mountain, his very Amicably met there domestic cat. The Mustachioed Wanderer did not look frightened or hungry, but Wojciech did not refuse dinner. Cat not I was afraid of my guest and came closer. Apparently, the animal came from a tourist house, which was located on top the mountains.

Wojciech took some photos of a mustached climber and posted to the network. In gratitude for the treats, the cat even posed a little in front of the camera.

Cat admires the wildlife

Social media users reacted differently to these images. Someone compared the brave mustachioed with a snow leopard. There were those to whom the cat felt sorry.

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