The cat will be taken away from the granny

Savyolovsky court in which the case was heard lost cat Basil, decided to leave the animal in charge Moscow shelter.

Recall that the pensioner Tatyana Nikolaevna Akhmetieva from Mytishchi fled the cat Vasily. When a woman found out that her beloved the pet was in the shelter and felt good, then hurried pick it up. But the nursery staff decided not to return cat, as they doubted the future safety of the animal. Tatyana Nikolaevna has been seeking her truth for four months, but in vain – the animal was never returned.

Today, a hearing on this case took place. Main reason failure Tatyana Akhmetieva was her reluctance to install on the windows special bars to prevent cats from jumping out of the window. The city administration considered the woman irresponsible and provided arguments on which the court sided with Moscow nursery.

Vaska will remain in the Moscow shelter under his supervision workers.

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