The cat snores. What to do if a cat snores?

Few people hold back the laughter from a YouTube video on which a cat snoring in a dream. But it’s not at all funny when your cat snores, especially if it happens at 4 a.m. Cats snore wrong common as in dogs. It is usually caused by obstruction. upper respiratory tract. The cause of snoring may be the presence of fluid in the nasopharynx, which interferes with the normal passage of air. In animals, as in humans, snoring can be harmless, but sometimes it indicates a health problem.

Are certain cats predisposed to snoring?

Breeds of cats with a flattened muzzle (for example, Persians) predisposed to a disease such as brachycephalic syndrome respiratory tract, which can cause snoring. By and large, any cat breed with an unusual muzzle is prone to snoring. The thing is that in such animals deformation of the face leads to the development of narrower nostrils, the presence of a softer and elongated palate. Most often, snoring is completely harmless, but in in some cases, even surgical intervention without which the animal cannot breathe normally. Also, obesity can affect the appearance of snoring in a pet. therefore There is another reason to keep the animal on a diet.

When is it necessary to seek help?

If snoring does not create a real problem for the cat, then do, in in principle, nothing is needed. But if the animal is observed difficulty breathing, trying to breathe through the mouth, or stretching when breathing neck, you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Nasal discharge may be another indicator of problems. animal (from one or both nostrils), swelling on the face, sneezing, coughing or changing voice. The vet will perform a thorough inspection, in some cases, may appoint an x-ray. For exact a thorough examination of the throat and nasopharynx. This procedure is performed using anesthesia.

Causes of Cat Snoring

In addition to brachycephalic respiratory syndrome, snoring can be caused by the following: a foreign body in the throat or nasopharynx, polyps, inflammation, trauma, laryngeal paralysis.

Treatments for snoring in cats

The method of treating snoring in cats will largely depend on its root causes. That is why it is impossible to say exactly how they will treat a certain animal. Everything will depend on the results. preliminary diagnostics. Fortunately, snoring in most cases no danger. Sometimes it’s enough to use special tampons for the ears. But neglecting this problem is not should, in case of any suspicion of an ailment – contact to the doctor.

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