The cat from Kota Bharu saved the newborn girl

A resident of the Malaysian city of Kota Bharu received a surprise from own cat. Every morning, Mohd Norazam Che Wahab releases his take a striped pet, and he watches it through the window; So It was this time.

The cat gradually went for a walk, but suddenly paused, and then sharply rushed to the side, to the thickets shrubs. Surprised by this behavior of the pet, the owner followed for her.

Approaching the bushes in which the animal hid, the man heard the child’s crying, and a few minutes later he found in the most often basket with a newborn baby. It was a girl, and next to her stood his cat.

Baby in the basket

The cat very timely discovered a basket of live a surprise

The Malaysian immediately called the police and the doctors who examined an amazing find and concluded that the baby appeared on light literally two to three hours ago. The newborn girl is healthy but for some time, while her fate will be decided, the baby will spend in the hospital.

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