The cat brought the cobra out of the master’s house: video

The dramatic story took place on a hot afternoon in India. With yard in the house, taking advantage of the inattention of the owners, a cobra crawled, but the courageous cat blocked her path – they captured the battle home surveillance camera.

Poisonous snakes in India are found at almost every step, and such a meeting does not bode well. Young snake climbed into the cat’s house, has not yet grown to large sizes, but also with such dimensions, the cobra bite is fatal.

Did the cat know about this and did she understand the risks? One way or otherwise, but the animal boldly attacked a dangerous guest. Their duel lasted about two minutes: the cobra fiercely resisted, wriggled, trying to bite a cat. But she managed to grab the snake in the teeth and carry to the yard, away from people.

Cat and Cobra

At this moment, the owner came into the noise. Arun Chandru immediately rushed to the aid of his defender and called the snake-catcher – very demanded profession in those parts. The story is over happy-end: the cat managed to dodge poisonous bites, and she didn’t suffered. Who knows, perhaps this is not the first cobra on her account.

Video: cat’s courage is breathtaking

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