The cat after the accident received the nickname “Angry”

Homeless Rescue Service employees found on the street London cat with numerous injuries. Picking up an animal, they They took him to a veterinary clinic. The veterinarian suggested that the cat was hit the car.

RSPCA workers deliver to Patney District Hospital in London a cat with a mutilated face after a collision with a car. The animal was given the nickname Saul. He was found in mid-October near from Pekham High Street.

Clinic doctors performed a difficult recovery operation jaw, teeth and eyes. After treatment and recovery Saul acquired a slightly evil look. And the staff of the shelter called him “angry cat.” But despite his sullen look, Saul is very friendly and affectionate cat.

According to the rescue officer, the cat was found in very poor condition. condition. Almost nothing was left of his face, so even after all operations, the cat looks good. Veterinarian surgeons did everything possible to save the animal.


Employees of the nursery predict a happy future for the cat and they sure that Saul or the “angry cat” will find loving the hosts.

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