The Canadian failed to choose a dog for themselves and bought the whole shelter

Ontario resident (Canada) Daniel Eden visited friends in Israel and decided to bring a stray dog from there. Good start ended unexpectedly.

The woman came for the pet to the nearest shelter and was shocked the conditions in which the dogs are kept here. Indoors which were designed for 70 animals, huddled almost four times more miserable hungry tramps, and each of them needed emergency care.

Israeli shelter

Shelter dogs lived in such conditions until they met Daniel Eden

Daniel made a bold decision and bought all the inhabitants shelter. While documents were being processed for export, almost a hundred dogs managed to attach in good hands here in Israel, and the rest flew to Ontario.

In King, a woman owns a plot of land in fifty acres, where she opened her own shelter for immigrants. It’s called Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary. (“Dog Tales of Salvation and Refuge”), and its inhabitants, probably it seems that they really got into a fairy tale.

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