The calmest dogs are some of the best breeds

The concept of poise and good behavior in dogs depends on each specific host. For some, this means that the dog should just do its thing outside the house, not in him. Others mean by this that she should not chew them favorite pair of shoes.

Exact “calm” parameters for some dog owners can be even harder, for example a certain amount of time for the game, riding in a car, graceful and pleasant meeting of guests, good handling barking. Regardless of the threshold values of these parameters, good behavior of the dog depends on the expectations of the owner. Some breeds are more amiable and pleasant for people, which ultimately account and is a decisive factor when choosing a “good” dog.

Golden retriever

The calmest dogs are some of the best breeds

The Golden Retriever is the leading breed of dog in the film industry. These dogs are known for their calm and cheerful character, joyful attitude to life, as well as their loyalty and stability. Golden retrievers are extremely smart and trained, which makes them education and training simple enough when enough reward good behavior and discourage bad and unacceptable.

Cavalier king charles spaniel

The calmest dogs are some of the best breeds

This small breed reaches a height of about 33 cm. However, less, her small physique is more than compensated calm and amazing character. These dogs are very social, they are known for their balanced and soothing behavior. They are will be equally happy if you go out with them for a short walk or let them take a nap on your lap or huddled nearby. This breed requires a lot of exercise, like other more active breeds. So way, their low maintenance and upkeep requirements for some people are the very factor of “good behavior” and poise.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The calmest dogs are some of the best breeds

These massive dogs with a wide range of colors and with black-brown and white patterns are perhaps one of the most laid-back and calm breeds. They are not too excited but happy to respond to training. Their personality thriving with a sense of purpose. It gives them a well-deserved place among the calmest rocks. Bernese Mountain Dog willingly will enter the role of a “good” dog that people tend to consider like good behavior. This also explains why they are often used as service dogs for the disabled. One more a big plus of the breed – these dogs get along very well with cats.


The calmest dogs are some of the best breeds

Big is a keyword in describing this breed. Character Newfoundland is often described as a “gentle giant.” These dogs in weigh about 65 kg on average, so they are really heavy. By however, their character is surprisingly light and known for its stock patience. Newfoundlands are very “molestation” tolerant, and therefore, they are used in therapy even with children in the hospice.

Dogs that are not “good behavior”

In the USA in 2012 10 most troubled breeds were identified dogs with behavioral problems, the main ones being bites. The list is based on federal statistics. top 10 breeds that most often lead to human the victims are: pit bull, rottweiler, siberian husky, saint bernard, german shepherd dog, doberman, great dane, chow chow, Akita Inu and Alaskan Malamute.

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