The British woman was arrested for untimely treatment to the vet for a dog

British resident convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to the animal.

The incident occurred in the city of Birmingham. Staffordshire the bull terrier of a woman got under the car His paw was broken, but the hostess did not want to take the pet to the vet and tried help myself.

Society for the Prevention of Abuse the animals learned about the suffering of the dog and sent it to the police. As it turned out, 36-year-old Selina Sheppard for 11 days watched the torment of her dog Lola, just laying a tire on damaged leg. As Selina herself explains, she thought she was doing everything is correct. But nothing helped.

According to inspectors, they managed to save the limb in time. bull terrier – a little more, and it would be possible to amputate a paw.

On the mistress of the dog brought a criminal case. A birmingham court sentenced the woman to three months in prison and ordered to pay 400 dollars fine. The convict was now forbidden to keep at home animals.

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