The boy who rescues dogs

Roman McCon is only eight years old, and he has already managed to save more than two thousand dogs. He has been doing this since he was four years old and became face of a large charity project.

When Romke was four years old, he was asked “on duty” question: what should you give for your birthday? The answer was amazed adults – the boy asked him not to buy anything, but to give money for stray dogs. He saw them every day in front of the store, where walked with mom – there the local presented his pets shelter.

On that birthday, the boy was given the moon, his first dog. We followed her, of course, to a shelter, where Roman’s mother experienced one shock: she learned that animals that are too long no one takes, doomed to sleep. Since mother and son save dogs life.

Roman and the dog

They organized their project Project Freedom Ride – collect stray animals and attach each of them to good hands. The charming boy became the hero of the videos, who know all over America, they really help keep specific dog lives.

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