The blind cat Merlin became beloved and famous: video

Two-year-old cat Merlin is one of the most popular characters. Instagram Its owners, artists Nathaniel and Elliot Green, took from a shelter of a blind kitten, gave him their love and made famous.

A young creative couple of artists lives in Lynchburg (state Tennessee, USA) and has long been planning to have a pet. They saw Merlin as a very small kitten at a meeting charity society “Free Cat Friday”, and love broke out with at a glance.

Adorable baby with dark gray thick fur and short paws – a mixture of manchkin and Persian. He is just a mestizo, although there is prestigious and very expensive breed obtained in the union of the Persians and Manchkin – Napoleon. And sometimes it seems that this cute crumbs there really is royal blood – so strange and bright his fate.

The cat in the bag

The hosts try not to leave Merlin alone

Shortly after birth, the kitten was injured, which is why irretrievably lost sight. In order not to mess with a blind animal, the owners handed him to a shelter, where the Greenes found him. Merlin adapted to live blind, he is very affectionate, wise and never Shkodnitsa. On the Internet he is called a cat with moonlight eyes.

Video: an amazing cat named Merlin

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