The best family dog ​​breeds. What breed suitable for family?

Regardless of the reasons for having a dog in your family, this is important a decision must be made not just on a whim, but with knowledge business. It’s worth doing some research to make sure that you have chosen a really suitable breed for both you and your family and for your lifestyle.

The best family dog ​​breeds.  What breed suitable for family?

As a rule, children and dogs develop good and friendly relationships that are useful to both. However, like yours children, all dogs are individual and there is no guarantee that you will receive exactly what you want or expect, even if you have done the most thoughtful choice. The dog breed is perhaps the most important a factor that you can take into account when deciding which the dog will be right for you. We all know that fashion comes and goes, but to make a dog a part of his family is long term, so you should try not to give too much weight to the appearance of the dog and fashionable trends. Of course, we all know the dogs we grew up with and which we often see on television and in magazines, but only because that we still have fond memories of a particular breed or because the popular breed in the magazine looks very cute and attractive, but that does not make her the right choice for you. Therefore, some research will be most correct the breed in question and make a decision based on facts.

First of all, before you bring your dog home, it’s important establish some basic rules that everyone must follow children in the house. Children must understand that a dog is alive and breathing. a creature capable of experiencing pain and malaise. They have to know which behavior is appropriate and which is not acceptable or potentially dangerous. When can they play with her and when the dog needs peace and quiet. The best way to teach your children of these rules is to give them their own example and show how act in certain situations. They will perceive your actions, and will also become more knowledgeable about the body language of the pet. Another point that should also be noted is that no matter how reliable you think your dog is, under no circumstances should you leave your children and dog unattended. Accident can happen in just fractions of a second, so make sure both your children and the dog are safe.

Dogs that become part of the family, especially with small ones children should have some basic general characteristics. They are should be healthy, cheerful, friendly, calm and reliable – i.e. have a well balanced character. Exists quite a few breeds that correspond to this type, so, if you are stuck in your choice, then read on …

  • Labrador and Golden retriever – seek to please, intelligent, faithful, affectionate and very patient with children, these two breeds are the most popular for families in recent years. Their flexible and learner nature (usually through food rewards) allows it’s easy for them to learn new commands and rules. They naturally gravitate to people, and their calm, impersonality and trustworthiness mean that they are good for families with children of all ages. Despite, that they have a tendency to laziness and domesticity, they have enough stamina and desire to play all day. No wonder that many service dogs are one of these two breeds, so, as a recommendation, a Labrador or Golden Retriever may be a great dog for you.
  • Beagle (hound) – living with a beagle is always fun! Affectionate, kind-hearted and patient enough to deal with the noisiest children, a beagle is not always obvious choice, but it is always included in the top 5 breeds for families with children. The beagle, as a rule, loves hugs and rarely shows any aggression. Beagles, being pack animals, love attention and greet him in all his forms.
  • Hybrid breeds – people often skip hybrid breeds of dogs, but they may be real a pearl. Hybrids are not prone to genetic and behavioral problems identified in many thoroughbred dogs, as they have fewer restrictions set for them genetically when they breed, while breeding thoroughbred dogs is limited their number, among which the breeder can choose, and therefore any negative behaviors are more often transmitted from the dog to the dog. Recently, hybrid dog breeds such as Labradoodle became very popular due to their imposing nature from the Labrador and the lack of molting and high intelligence from the poodle. With these dogs, potential buyers can familiarize themselves with temperament of both parents and choose suitable, good breeders usually let you do this.
  • Saint Bernard – serious dogs with large sizes and with more personality! Saint Bernards can’t be loved by everyone, but happy owners of this dog the true meaning of devotion will be revealed. Saint Bernards were bred for helping people, and this innate love for people lasts longer centuries, transforming them into attractive, obedient and laid-back dogs. Big enough to handle all that baby will be able to throw or drop on them, about the patience of this breed go legends however due to their great weight and size when they play, their game looks a little awkward, but anyway, they never express aggression. Newfoundland also shows similar characteristics like saint bernard which makes it the same a good-natured and kind dog, like his colleague.
  • Boxers – with the right direction, this the dog can become the real king of the canine world, falling in love with himself everything and everyone in literally seconds! Considering them hyperactive, they are best suited for families who very active and want a dog that is also able to get involved in their vibrant lifestyle. These dogs are highly intelligent, energy and low level of aggression, so this fun breed will suit you as firmly as you are ready to lead her.
  • Bichon Frize – This Funny Little Dog He has a cheerful approach to life and a very cheerful character. They are have a mild disposition and natural love for people, therefore, if you pick up a small dog for yourself, then be sure to take it into account. In addition, as a bonus, they are practically not molt and have a hypoallergenic coat. Smart enough and friendly, these dogs learn new tricks easily, so everyone whoever meets this dog will certainly be delighted! From early socialization for children Bichon Frize will be the perfect family pet.
  • Hungarian survived – it is often called Velcro, this breed is able to form strong bonds with people and especially loves and is patient with children. She possesses extraordinary mix of energy, devotion and humility and will become an amazingly good companion and playmate for children. She does not need a lot of walks and rewards, but to the right family, this dog can really bloom.

Of course, there are many, many other dog breeds that can fit for your family.

Remember that when choosing a dog for your family you must accept various factors, including age of children, availability other animals in the house, your lifestyle (is it active or not? Do you work or not?), the amount of free time … list can go on and on! There are a huge number of breeds. dogs, and having made a certain choice, you must remember that everything dogs are as individual as you are!

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