The best domestic breeds of rabbits

All domestic rabbits are beautiful and for several decades are among the most popular pets. Over the past years, many different breeds have appeared. rabbits ranging from giant Flemish to dwarf Dutch, many of which have come a long way to its popularity.

The best domestic breeds of rabbits

Today, keeping a pair of domestic rabbits is the norm, so how these amazing creatures can be trained at home as well as, for example, cats. Let’s look at 10 great rabbit breeds, which will be perfect pets.

Cute German fold rabbit

All lop-eared rabbits are funny, but German lop-eared are special. They are slightly smaller than the French fold, but the same charming and friendly. These bunnies love to play and since they are very calm, they will become wonderful pets. German lop-eared rabbits are easy to teach to the tray and they will to resort to you when you call them!

Impressive English lop-eared rabbit

The English rabbit is known for its cute character. They are very calm and friendly by nature, so they become great domestic pets. Compared to other breeds, these adorable rabbits are obedient and even more adorable than the length of their big ears!

Popular Dutch fold rabbit

Dutch fold rabbits remain the most in many countries popular domestic rabbits. They have a pleasant character and never be aggressive. These gorgeous-looking rabbits behave very much like dogs, which makes them incredibly cute, especially when they run around their owner’s legs.

American fluffy fold rabbit

These cute rabbits look almost like Dutch lop-eared, with the only difference being that their hair is similar to wool Angora rabbit. They look very attractive, they have cat-like flat muzzle and they are known for their playfulness and gentle temperament. American pussies love play with toys and become wonderful homework animals!

Giant continental rabbit

If you intend to share your home with the continental giants, then you need to make sure your house is big enough to accommodate them. These guys when they are adults reach 20 kg! They have a great character, and, as you know, can easy to learn and train at home.

Another thing that sets these rabbits apart is their incredible tenderness for children, as they are very calm from nature. However, due to the size of the rabbit, all children should be under supervision when they play with him, and even when they hug him, although he adores hugs.

Balanced Alaska Bunny

These beautiful rabbits do not have a drop of aggression, therefore Become great pets. They are gentle in their own way. nature, but at the same time very active and love to play. These rabbits just super soft and fluffy, their silky fur makes them alone of the softest and most enjoyable rabbits.

Friendly Brazilian Bunny

Some of the friendliest rabbits are Brazilian. They also incredibly gentle when they are near people. They get along great with other pets. The breed is known for its sociability and herdness, they like to lean against each other during games time. They are easy to train at home and learn how to respond to your name.

Rare rabbit halstlander

This is a very rare breed, but with its snow-white fur and with blue eyes they look just great! They are extremely curious in nature and love various games. These wonderful in every way rabbits are also smart enough that allows them to learn quickly and easily.

Calm New Zealand Rabbit

These rabbits are great friends of children and even others pets. They are very calm and patient compared to most other breeds and love to be stroked or hugged. These rabbits are the perfect choice for owners who bring rabbits for the first time, as they are gentle and obedient, and quite active. These bunnies love to take part in everything going on in the family!

Nice lilac rabbit

Lilac rabbits are cute and affectionate in nature. They like hug and sit on your lap for several hours! They adore any attention and contact with the owner. In addition, lilac rabbits very clean so that they become great home animals.


Rabbits are cute and beautiful creatures that become excellent pets. Rabbits are smart and therefore their Learning is relatively simple. There is a huge the number of breeds of rabbits, and all of them are magnificent in their own way. The list below is just a few of the breeds that Especially nice and pleasant to use. Rabbits, like cats, and even like dogs, become real family members and love take part in everything that happens in the house!

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