The authorities of Zambia will shoot 2 thousand hippos

Due to the large numbers of hippos in the Luangwa River, the Minister Zambian tourism decided to reduce the population by two thousands.

A plan to reduce the number of animals was drawn up two more years ago. But the Wildlife Conservation Society was able to achieve postponement of this decision due to insufficient number of justifications harm to the ecosystem of Africa.

Overpopulation by hippos in South Luangwa Park


According to official Charles Bandu, today adjustment of the hippo population has become necessary due to low water level in the river. The number of hippos in the National the park exceeds 13 thousand, when the permissible capacity is 5 thousand

Specialists in this field have put forward a different point of view. By their calculations, mass shooting of animals will provoke the opposite effect – active reproduction and increase in numbers.

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