Ten Essential Nutrition Supplements and Vitamins for dogs

Providing a balanced diet that fits for your dog, is a vital part of grooming so that she remained happy and healthy until old age. Nevertheless, an unbalanced and inappropriate diet is almost certainly in subsequently lead to health problems, weight and other complications, but just a quality diet in itself, perhaps it will not be enough.

Ten Essential Nutrition Supplements and Vitamins for dogs

Despite a quality and really suitable diet, many of the dog owners still have problems with the health of their dogs at some stage in their lives. Fortunately sometimes nutritional supplements or specially selected foods may make a dog’s diet truly therapeutic, capable of control a wide range of current or periodic diseases. Read on for ten common problems with health in dogs that can be corrected by some additional additives and products.

1. Plaque and dental problems

Bad breath, plaque and gingivitis may appear in dogs in the same way as in humans, but often in a much more serious form, as not all pet owners start provide dental care and brushing to your pets, while they are still young. Teeth brushing and special feeding complete dry feeds aimed at combating problems with teeth can help protect your dog’s teeth. In addition, you can use special dry treats that can cleanse teeth, as well as vegetables such as carrots and broccoli stalks.

2. Dull coat

Dull hair is one of the most striking indicators an unbalanced and inadequate diet, which may mean that your dog is not getting proper nutrition for all of his nutritional needs. Consider switching to other food foods that use biotin and vitamin supplements In, which helps to improve the condition of the skin and coat, as well as try fruit, berries, and brewer’s yeast.

3. Weakening of the immune system

Caring for a dog with a suppressed or weakened immune system, whatever the reason, it can be a serious problem, as these dogs are much more vulnerable to a range of diseases that can further further suppress their immunity. Naturally enhanced immunity can provide foods with high in antioxidants like green tea or its additives, raspberries and blueberries.

4. Indigestion

Some dogs are more prone to digestive upsets than others that may be due to allergies, stress and many other potential reasons. Reduce sensitivity and addiction to indigestion, and also make the dog’s life more Ginger, natural mint and dill will help you feel comfortable.

5. decreased vision

Many dogs begin to lose their sight with age, and this loss can be progressive and irreversible. Nevertheless, there are various products that can slow down this gradual decline and help your dog maintain vision in old age. Omega-3 fatty acids and rich foods will help you. Vitamin A, such as liver, egg, orange fruits and vegetables, including carrots and orange.

6. Anxiety and stress

If your dog is stressed, then you are probably already use some soothing nutritional supplements and products. If you did not think about it, then try adding to the diet dogs natural soothing herbs such as chamomile or root valerian.

7. Poor appetite and fastidiousness in food

While feeding for most dogs is not a problem, some fastidious dogs can eat insufficient food to support your weight and provide yourself with all the necessary nutrients. AT in such cases, you can maintain appetite by supplementing your food and mixing protein-rich supplements, such as cooked eggs, cooked chicken, canned tuna or low-calorie cottage cheese.

8. Arthritis and joint inflammation

Arthritis and other joint problems should be addressed with an integrated approach, including weight control, to reduce pressure on the joints. Reduce inflammation, maintain joint mobility, and also prevent the rapid progression of problems can such foods like broccoli, cranberries, raspberries and oily fish.

9. Obesity and overweight

If your dog is prone to overweight and obesity, then It is important to solve this problem before it gets out of hand. This may require a change in diet, and (or) a decrease portion sizes. However, a hungry dog will be unhappy, and, most likely, begging and looking for an alternative food. Therefore, in this case, a more voluminous food may come, but with lower in protein such as broccoli, pumpkin or zucchini.

10. Too low or underweight.

On the other hand, some dogs may suffer from underweight. These dogs eat for some reason. completely inadequate amount of food, and maintain them Healthy weight can be a daunting task. In this case, you may help adding a little protein to your dog’s diet and fat, for example, a spoonful of linseed or peanut butter, and offer your pet a cooked egg, fish, chicken, or even a few slices of cheese.

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