Specially trained magpie crow greets guests of an old british castle

A visitor to a medieval English castle flinched at surprises upon hearing a mechanical voice politely her greeted. She was even more surprised when she examined interlocutor – it was a big talking bird.

Spouses Lisa and Mark Brooks went to the weekend to inspect attractions of the county of Yorkshire. Mark went a little ahead, and Lisa paused to photograph picturesque walls medieval castle, and suddenly distinctly heard:

– Y’alright love? – a black and white bird inquired ceremoniously similar to either magpie or crow.

It can be translated from English something like this: “Do you have everything in okay, honey? “The tourist didn’t even find what to answer – she For the first time in my life I saw and heard a talking bird.

Bird on the track

So is it a magpie or a crow, what do you think?

It soon became clear that the feathered beauty is also local a tourist attraction and even consists of a tourist attraction on contentment. The local ranger Igrain Hastvitt Skelton has already two decades specially tames birds and memorizes each pair phrases for greeting tourists, which is very impressive.

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