“Special” cat found a family and became famous

A “special” cat was found on Boston Street and taken to a shelter live out their last days, as they planned to put her to sleep because of strange appearance. It just so happened that a cat with Down Syndrome discovered the charity “The Odd Cat Sanctuary” and I took it to myself.

A special animal was called Maya. And later volunteer staff organizations talked about an unusual cat on their page in Facebook They posted a post about Maya, who had a rare a disease that is not common in the animal kingdom. Cat born with genetic pathology – she has three chromosomes, not two.

Thanks to the social network, Mayu was discovered by the girl Loren. She and her boyfriend decided to take the cat to himself, after having passed the hard selection. The employees of the charity shelter were supposed to be sure that Maya will fall into good hands, therefore, to the search for new the owners were responsible.

Maya with a new and loving family

Source: https://life.ru

The young couple turned out to be the most loving family. Lauren even started Maya page on Instagram under the nickname @meetmayacat. Special cats are already more than two hundred thousand subscribers.

New home and new life for a cat with Down Maya Syndrome

Source: https://life.ru

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