Space Dogs

We all know about the astronaut dogs Belka and Strelka, for the first time which entered the Earth’s orbit in the ship. But they still have a lot of ours four-legged friends took part in space flights ships. Scientists chose healthy dogs for these flights. psyche, with appropriate health and character requirements dogs. Special training was conducted with dogs, trained. And, of course, the team members were very attached to the pets and worried about their fate.


  • Stage 1 – Pioneers
    • 1.1 Desic and Gypsy
    • 1.2 Desic and the Fox
    • 1.3 Bear and Chizhik
    • 1.4 Brave and Ginger
    • 1.5 Non-Traveling and BIS
  • Stage Two – Research
    • 2.1 Fox and Bulba
    • 2.2 Rita and Linda
    • 2.3 Baby and Button
    • 2.4 Baby and Milda
    • 2.5 Kozyavka and Albina
    • 2.6 Redhead and Joyna
    • 2.7 Squirrel and Fashionista
    • 2.8 Palm and Fluff
    • 2.9 Cutter and Palm
    • 2.10 Motley and Belyanka
    • 2.11 Brave and Snowflake
  • Stage Three – Spacecraft
    • 3.1 Laika
    • 3.2 Chanterelle and Seagull
    • 3.3 Squirrel and Arrow
    • 3.4 Breeze and Corner

Stage One – Pioneers

Desic and Gypsy

Desic and Gypsy

Become the first animals to fly to the upper layers atmosphere to the border with space.

Desic and Gypsy - the first animals to rise to the upper atmosphere

On July 22, 1951, a rocket with dogs launched.

Desic and Gypsy in the head compartment of the rocket

Desik and Gypsy returned safely to Earth. Only gypsy slightly scratched the skin on the stomach.

Desic and Gypsy - mutts who became astronauts

Desic and the Fox

Desic and the Fox

July 29, 1951 – the take-off passed safely, but at the emergency parachute did not open on landing, the dogs crashed.

Bear and Chizhik


August 15, 1951. The flight lasted 18 minutes and passed safely.

Bear is preparing to fly

Brave and Ginger


On August 19, 1951, 2 days before the flight, the Courageous fled to the steppe, breaking off the leash, but returned in the morning, and together with Ryzhik they made a flight, returning to Earth healthy and unharmed.

Neputev and ZIB

Non-drinking and ZIB

September 3, 1951 was the last start that completed first stage of flights. The Neptuy and Horn dogs were supposed to fly. But before the start, the Horn disappeared from its cage. Preparation time was not there, so we caught the first dog that came across near the dining room, washed, trimmed, attached sensors. Korolev was not informed. The flight went perfectly, Korolev noticed a substitution after landing. The dog, which turned out to be a puppy, was given the nickname ZIB (Spare disappeared Bobik).

Stage Two – Research

In total, since July 1951, 29 dog flights have taken place. Of which 8 ended tragically. Let’s talk about some of the four-legged heroes.

Fox and Bulba

Dog Bulba

February 5, 1955 the start, but unsuccessful, of the dog took place died.

Rita and Linda

Dog Linda

The rocket launched on June 25, 1955. Rita is dead, Linda safely returned to Earth.

Toddler and Button

Dog Baby

November 4, 1955. The baby was catapulted at an altitude of 90 meters, but the capsule blown away, found only on the third day. The dog survived and waited in a capsule.

Baby and Milda


May 31, 1956. The flight was successful.

Kozyavka and Albina

Dog Booger

Two flights in a row on June 7 and 14, 1956. Both lucky dogs came back home.

Redhead and Joyna

Dogs Red and Joyna

Started on May 24, 1957, but due to depressurization of the cabin, both died.

Squirrel and Fashionista

Squirrel and Fashionista

August 25, 1957. The flight was successful, the Squirrel was under anesthesia.

Palm and Fluff

Palm and Fluff

Start on February 21, 1958. Both dogs died due to depressurization of the cabin.

Cutter and Palm

Dogs Cutter and Palm

They flew twice on August 2 and 13, 1958. Subsequently nippers gave another nickname – Brave. Successfully landed.

Motley and Belyanka

Motley and Belyanka

August 27, 1958 climbed to a height of 453 km. After big Overload dogs returned very tired but healthy.

Brave and Snowflake

Brave, Snowflake and Rabbit Marfushka

July 2, 1959. With the dogs, a rabbit was also sent in flight Marfushka. The flight ended safely.

Stage Three – Spacecraft

At this stage, the launch of rockets into low Earth orbit began.



November 3, 1957. Become the first dog to fly into orbit Of the earth.

Laika before the flightLaika before the flight

Technically, there has not yet been developed a way to return the dog with orbits to the earth. Laika died.

Chanterelle and Seagull

Chanterelle and SeagullChanterelle and Seagull

Take off on a spaceship on July 28, 1960. Ship crashed, the dogs died.

Belka and Strelka

Dogs Squirrel and ArrowDogs Squirrel and Arrow

August 19, 1960 – the first animals that spent a day on orbit, safely returned to Earth.

Dogs Squirrel and ArrowDogs Squirrel and Arrow

Breeze and Corner

The Breeze and the CornerThe Breeze and the Corner

These dogs made their last space flight. In 1966, they spent 20 days in orbit. Then they returned safely to Earth. Next, they passed the baton of space exploration to people.

Thanks to these flights, there was a real breakthrough in astronautics, and man was paved the road to space space.

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