Sokoke (African cat, souk)


Sokoke (African cat, soukok) Sokoke

Breed characteristics

  • Adaptability: 7
  • Family Affection: 5
  • Game activity: 8
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Total health: 9
  • Hair loss: 4
  • Friendliness for children: 8
  • Dog Friendly: 8
  • Love for meow: 6


The name of the Sokoke breed comes from the area of the home environment, in which these cats originally lived and developed – Arabuko Sokoke, in Kenya Experts believe that this cat arose naturally way, that is, it is indigenous and the person did not apply of your hand for its occurrence. However, the first one, so to speak, opened this breed of cats for the world, there was an artist and specialist in Equine Jenny Slater.

In 1978, she toured Africa, studying professional activities, and discovered these beautiful animals. She liked them so much that after a while she returned with her friend from Denmark, named Gloria Moldrap, and took out several cats to subsequently tackle them breeding.

Actually, thanks to these two girls, today we we have the opportunity to observe in the civilized world cat breed sokoke. Currently, cats are recognized the vast majority of official breed registries, including TICA (International Cat Association) and the GCCF, as well as the Manager Cat Fancy’s advice, which is the most important organization for breeding cats in England.


Sokoke cat – a bright representative of indigenous breeds cats, and it resembles a smaller version of its larger brothers. This applies to everything from appearance to ending with a tireless, active and very inquisitive character. It is the best friend of children, and a great companion for adults.

The African cat sokoke is slightly smaller than average, the color of the tabby with a necklace around the neck is a must this breed. The physique is strong, muscular, but at the same time – graceful, ears are larger than average, tail is also medium in size. The muzzle is wedge-shaped, eyes are large and expressive. Life expectancy is an average of 15 years.


A cat of breed Sokoke has a huge amount of energy, indefatigability, very cheerful and active character. For the first look, it may seem that with such a pet you will not have minutes of rest, however, they feel the situation very well and mood of beloved people.

Combined with advanced intelligence, you can be calm – an adult cat will not become a source of endless numbers problems, just the opposite. She loves to play, and may very well find yourself an occupation yourself, and destructive, aggressive, the destructive vein in these animals is practically absent. They are playful, but not harmful. On the contrary, cats sokok are different very friendly and affectionate disposition, very attached to members your family, and are ready to give each piece of your cat love

They love various games, toys, houses with great number of tiers, ladders, and can spend hours indulging in such entertainments. Children will be crazy about joy with such a home animals, because the juice will be a tireless participant in all children’s games. Of course, the child will need to explain how to behave with cat.

Sokoke is a curious and smart cat, she likes to explore new places. She has good hunting reflexes, she likes to climb trees and generally spend time on the street, and therefore it will be immeasurable happy if her future owner lives in a private house. With others pets, these cats tend to find a common language, unless it is rodents or birds, since they are hereditary the hunter sees potential prey by default.

Common diseases

Like other native breeds, the African cat has a good Health, however, is one caveat. The fact is that the breed is located in the Western world relatively recently, and therefore not to all infectious diseases immunity developed, although this is not an absolute phenomenon. In other respects, there are no problems observed.


The African cat has a short coat, therefore enough comb it out once a week. You need to bathe your pet about once in 2 months, but it’s better to brush your teeth every day, at least 3 times in Week. Also, be sure to trim the claws once every 10 days, clean your ears and eyes from deposits.

Breed Information

Country of origin Kenya
Life span 13-16 years old
The size medium
Weight Males: 4-6 kg, Cats: 3-4.5 kg
Type of wool shorthair
Color marble tabby
Lifestyle outdoor / indoor
Group rare, short-haired
Price 500 – 4000 $

Breed photo

Sokoke (African cat, soukok) Sokoke sokok sokoke cat sokoke Sokoke juice

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