“Slow down – save the moose”: an unusual action in Nizhny Novgorod

In autumn, mating season begins, they lose caution and often run out onto the road. In Nizhny Novgorod decided remind drivers of this.

Accidents involving moose are dangerous not only for themselves, but also for people in the car. The animal usually bumps about windshield, which may cause injuries to the driver and passenger on front seat. As part of the action “Slow down – save the moose” motorists were told about the necessary safety measures. AT wildlife habitats usually have a special warning sign. In this case, you need to choose mode in which the driver has time to react to the appearance the beast.

Traffic sign

The penalty for downed moose is almost 80 thousand rubles, even if an accident occurred outside the warning sign

If the moose is still injured, you must call the service salvation 112 and call the traffic police outfit. You cannot approach an animal – It may be dangerous.

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