Slaughter statistics: they do not want to in the Khabarovsk Territory raise pigs

In the agricultural sector of the Khabarovsk Territory, the share is significantly reduced animal husbandry. Local government warns about this statistics.

Statistics know everything. Employees of Khabarovskstat, comparing this year’s performance from last year, noted the alarming a trend. Residents of the region prefer to donate cattle procurers for slaughter, and not engage in its cultivation.

First of all, it concerns pigs – they are now left in the province about 2.6 thousand goals, which is 58.7 percent less than in Last year. A similar situation has developed with sheep: a flock of land for the year decreased by 43.7 percent. In general, the share of livestock decreased by 7 percent. But in the villages of the region more steel to keep poultry – its livestock increased by 4.2 percent and is more than 1.4 thousand goals.


Poultry has become more profitable than domestic animals

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