Sinulox for dogs

Just yesterday, an active and cheerful pet suddenly became sad, his impossible to get involved in the game? Suspicious symptoms suddenly occurred: diarrhea and vomiting, discharge from the nose and eyes, loss of appetite, weakness, pain? Perhaps the dog picked up the bacterial an infection that needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible for appointing timely treatment. As you know, bacterial diseases require the use of antibiotics that cause death dangerous microorganisms. To effective modern drugs Sinulox for dogs is ranked against bacteria. This medicine appreciated for good performance and gentle influence on the canine the body. We will understand what this tool is and when it is administered to dogs.

What is Sinulox and when to use it?

“Sinulox” is an antibiotic agent related to semisynthetic penicillins. His work against bacteria carried out by amoxicillin and clavulanic acid providing combined antibacterial exposure to infectious agents. A drug “Sinulox” is indicated in animals for the treatment of the following bacterial diseases:

  • Genitourinary system diseases (bacterial vaginitis, endometritis etc.);
  • Skin and tissue infections (phlegmon, abscess, bacterial dermatitis, etc.);
  • Respiratory infections (bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy bacterial nature, etc.);
  • ENT inflammation (sinusitis, tonsillitis);
  • Gastrointestinal diseases (enteritis, salmonellosis, etc.).

An antibiotic is available in 2 forms:

  1. “Sinuloks” tablets for dogs of a bright pink shade, containing 50, 250 or 500 mg of active ingredients. Go on sale in cardboard boxes containing 10 tablets (in each package detailed instructions are available);
  2. “Sinuloks” suspension of a beige shade of oil consistency, containing 175 mg of active ingredients. Available in glass bottles in the amount of 40 and 100 ml.

Features of tablets and suspensions

Before giving the dog a Sinulox tablet or administering the drug in the form of a suspension, it is required to study the data reported instructions for use:

  1. “Sinuloks” should be stored no longer than 2 years at a temperature not more than 25 and not less than 0 degrees;
  2. If a suspension is used, it should be used within 28 days after opening the bottle;
  3. The duration of treatment and the required dose should determine veterinarian based on the disease and condition of the dog (sometimes recommended doses are doubled and continue therapy over 10-14 days);
  4. Suspension “Sinuloks” is forbidden to enter in the same syringe with others drugs (including bacteriostatic);
  5. Sinulox tablets for dogs (50 mg) are also suitable for cats
  6. Sinulox suspension is administered to dogs, cats and farm animals;
  7. If an allergy occurs to the drug, the animal is required to enter antihistamine. The drug should not be administered to the dog if the pet is known to have intolerance penicillin antibiotics;
  8. In the case of injection at the injection site, a small lump is a swelling that will disappear without any interventions (the injection site is preferably rubbed with your fingers immediately after the injection).

How and at what dose do dogs administer Sinulox?

If treatment of the animal is planned with antibiotic “Sinulox” in tablet form, then the dose calculated as follows: 12.5 mg of active substances per 1 kg of weight dogs. That is, a doggie weighing 10 kg will need to introduce 0.25 tablets Sinuloks 500 mg, 0.5 tablets Sinuloks 250 mg or 2.5 tablets “Sinuloks” 50 mg (it is more appropriate to choose a dosage of 50 mg for miniature pets, and 500 mg – for large dogs). Pill must be given to the dog, chopped and mixed with food. Or put to the root of the tongue after eating. The drug is given to dogs twice a day for a week. If you plan to administer the drug in in the form of a suspension, the dose is calculated as follows: 1 ml (which is 8.75 mg active substances) drugs should fall on 20 kg of weight. Therefore, a dog weighing 10 kg will need to administer 0.5 ml suspensions containing about 4.4 mg of active ingredients. Injections do once a day under the skin or in the muscle, lightly massaging injection site. The duration of treatment is 3-5 days.

Opinions of dog owners about the drug “Sinuloks”

Based on customer reviews of Sinulox in liquid and solid, you can identify the following advantages of the antibiotic:

  • Relatively few side effects (given that “Sinuloks” is an antibiotic, without unpleasant consequences in the form of refusing food, vomiting, skin itching often does not cost, but others drugs of a similar antibacterial orientation are still more negative side effects);
  • When choosing a suspension from side effects of the antibiotic less the gastrointestinal tract of the dog is affected compared to being treated pills
  • Reasonable price of tablets (Sinulox 50 mg can be found cheaper 200 rubles);
  • Good performance (most reviews positive because Sinulox helps fight bacterial ailments;
  • The tool is convenient for dogs: tablets are eaten along with feed. Injection of a suspension, as a rule, does not cause strong painful sensations. In addition, the owners always have a choice: buy “Sinuloks” in liquid or tablet form.

Not all antibiotic reviews are laudatory. According to some Sinuloks has owners and disadvantages:

  • If the tablet is administered on an empty stomach, the dog may vomiting and diarrhea appear (therefore, it is better to administer the medicine at least with a small amount of food);
  • The negative effect of the drug on the liver with prolonged use (if, at the insistence of the veterinarian, the dog is administered “Sinulox” more than 14 days, it can negatively affect the state of internal organs);
  • The impossibility of long-term storage of the suspension (given that 1 ml of the drug is administered to an animal weighing 20 kg, even a 40 ml bottle is unlikely whether it will be used 28 days after opening if the weight of the animal small);
  • An accurate dosage calculation is required. Excess dose fraught with disruption of the digestive tract;
  • The price of the suspension may be high (in some pet stores a 40 ml bottle can cost about 2000 rubles).

The cost of suspension and tablets “Sinuloks”

The price of 40 ml of suspension “Sinuloks” in online stores and zoo pharmacies fluctuates between 920-1600 rubles (sometimes sold more expensive). A large bottle containing 100 ml of the drug will cost 1800-2500 rubles and above. Pill antibiotic will cost cheaper: the price of 50 mg of Sinulox is 180-250 rubles, the price of 250 mg is 300-450 rubles, and for 500 mg the price is higher – from 400-600 rubles.

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