Sinulox for cats

The need for antibiotics causes a lot of people fears: these drugs can cause diarrhea and vomiting, rash on body, kidney, liver, and nervous system disorders. Not surprising, that if you take antibiotics to be a pet, the owner begins a real panic: how to cure the animal, not harming him. Sinuloks for Russian-made cats (company “Zoetis”), created by American experts, won recognition by veterinarians and cat owners as effective and this is a safe semi-synthetic antibiotic. The task of the drug is treatment of bacterial infections of soft tissues, respiratory organs, urogenital system and skin of a cat.

What is Sinulox?

Sinulox antibiotic is available in two versions:

  1. “Sinuloks” tablets for cats of a round form of a pink shade with engraved in the form of the name of the drug. In each carton antibiotic contains 10 tablets containing 50, 250 or 500 mg of active substances (amoxicillin and clavulanic acid);
  2. Sinulox Injectable Suspension – Oily Opaque the substance is beige. Available in sealed vials from glass of 40 and 100 ml.

Instructions for use with the drug “Sinuloks” indicates that the effect of the drug is due to amoxicillin – semisynthetic antibiotic from the penicillin group. Other component – clavulanic acid, enhancing effect amoxicillin – a bactericidal agent, also from the category penicillins. Unlike some antibiotics, drugs on Amoxicillin-based detrimental effect on microorganisms, causing bacterial infection, but well tolerated cat (do not “beat” on the kidneys, liver, organs of the digestive tract).

Diseases for which Sinulox is used

Sinulox cat injections and pills can help if The following diseases were diagnosed in the animal:

  • Genitourinary system diseases (metritis, cystitis, endometritis (in including pyometer));
  • Diseases of the skin (purulent inflammation, pyoderma);
  • Respiratory problems (pneumonia, bronchitis, atrophic rhinitis);
  • Diseases of the soft tissues of the mouth (stomatitis, gingivitis);
  • Joint damage (arthritis);
  • Wounds (including abscess) and infections obtained after surgical interventions;
  • Infections of newborn kittens (herpes virus, calcivirus and etc.).

Features of tablets and suspensions “Sinuloks”

Sinulox therapy requires compliance with certain rules. In order not to harm the cat, the owner should know:

  1. “Sinuloks” suspension and tablets are stored for no more than 24 months at temperature 3-25 degrees. An opened bottle must be used. within 28 days;
  2. As a rule, the medicine does not cause side effects in cats. With sensitivity to penicillins, the drug is given together with antihistamines after agreement with the veterinarian. IN case of individual intolerance to tablets or suspension “Sinuloks” is not recommended;
  3. “Sinuloks” is allowed not only to cats, but also to dogs. Shallow to rodents (guinea pigs, rats, etc.), the drug is not shown;
  4. If the cat is given antibiotic injections, do not combine “Sinulox” with other drugs (for example, with immunomodulators) in one syringe.

How to treat a cat with Sinulox antibiotic?

If the owner chose the Sinulox tablets, then give the cat 12.5 mg of the drug for every 1 kg of weight. That is, if a cat weighs 4 kg, she needs to give 1 whole tablet containing 50 mg of active substances. “Sinulox” tablets are given to a cat twice a day. For the animal to surely swallow the medicine, it is permissible mix it with food, previously chopped. Treatment usually lasts 5-7 days. If the pet has a chronic illness stages, you should agree on the duration of admission with the veterinarian (the duration of treatment can reach 1 month). Suspension “Sinuloks” is administered cats in an amount of 0.5 ml per 10 kg of weight once a day for 3-5 days. That is, a 4-pound cat needs to inject only 0.2 ml of funds. Methods of injection – intramuscularly or subcutaneously. The injection site after the procedure should be slightly massage.

Reviews about tablets and suspensions “Sinuloks”

Reviews about the pills and injections “Sinuloks” from the owners four-legged mustached friends are good. Cat owners praise an antibiotic for his help in quickly healing pet ailments. The following are some responses about the antibiotic: Review No. 1: “Our neighbor cat attacked our domestic cat. As a result, the poor man had to be taken to the clinic to stitch. All would well, only one wound didn’t want to heal, but in the end festering. Again turned to the veterinarian who prescribed us Sinulox injections. The cat got better after a week application, the wound began to heal, pus no longer forms. I satisfied … “; Review No. 2:” We picked up a small homeless kitten. He looked healthy, only from the peephole were greenish-yellow discharge. It turned out that the baby has herpes virus. The doctor ordered the kitten to be taken with antibiotics daily. Sinulox. I thought that there would be a lot of side effects in the form of diarrhea, vomiting, refusal of food. In vain, because the cat injections transferred to “cheers”, and the virus has receded. I recommend! “; Review No. 3:” Antibiotic in Sinuloks bought tablets for a dog (prescribed when Ben had had pneumobronchitis), but the cat also needed it (I have a handsome man Siberian Matvey). Murky has developed stomatitis, even a cat doesn’t eat could normally. Gave a tablet of “Sinuloksa” with mashed meat (a tablet, by the way, colors food pink). Kotyara, no matter how Strange, I didn’t refuse such medical food. Stomatitis retreated quickly: after 2 days of mouth sores drag out … ”

The cost of the veterinary drug “Sinuloks”

The price of Sinulox tablets depends on the content of active substances. The cost of the drug in the capital’s veterinary pharmacies is as follows: 50 mg – from 180 rub.; 250 mg – from 350 rubles .; 500 mg – from 450 rubles. Sinuloks injections usually cost a little more than pills. Price of a bottle with 40 ml the drug is 850-1100 rubles. Large bottle with 100 ml Sinuloks will cost about 2000-2600 rubles.

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